miércoles, 27 de junio de 2012

Alonso´s best victory

I heard several stories about Spaniards hesitating to watch the European GP race because of Alonso´s P11 on the grid. But then always someone said "Come on! We are talking about Fernando Alonso!" In a circuit where it is very difficult to overtake, and in a year where DRS help tends to make drivers to concentrate their overtaking efforts in a single spot of the track, Fernando delighted the grandstands by superbly overtaking all around the Valencia track. Take a look to this meaningful map with the number and name of overtaken drivers on each spot (black: on track; green: during the start; gray: during pit-stop; red: mechanical problem):
His talent, aggressive moves, concentration and always sporting attitude; his thoughts for the Spain difficulties and for the people watching the race; and then his tears in the podium make this (I think with no doubt) the best victory in Fernando Alonso´s career: