martes, 7 de junio de 2011

Post-Monaco, pre-Canada analysis: Tyres, Hamilton´s hot spot

The new, short-lasting Pirelli tyres looked like going to benefit soft-styled drivers like Fernando Alonso or Jenson Button. However, agressive drivers like Lewis Hamilton have found a bright side in this: their ease to warm up hard compounds in tracks with low wear of tyres. This way, Hamilton has scored his best results in circuits where tyres were not as worn out as expected, like Australia, China or Spain, where Alonso, on the other hand, had difficulties to warm up his hard tyres. In contrast, Malaysia or Turkey saw Hamilton score bad results, while Alonso´s pace was great on the prime compound in both of them.

Not having an average handicap as long as tyres go, Hamilton talent in his finely developed McLaren looks like the second best candidate for the World Championship right now, so betting on him would be a good idea as rates are around 13.00. However, I think we should wait until the end of the Canadian Grand Prix because, even though Hamilton uses to do pretty good here, it is a very demanding track for tyres, AND, like in Monaco, Pirelli decided to use supersoft and soft tyres again in Canada. That is, hard compounds and low tyre-wear tracks, the two tyre issues which Hamilton can be benefited from, are not conditions to be met this weekend.

Anyway, difficult days are coming for Sebastian Vettel, who will have only Great Britain and Hungary circuits to score "easy" points before the last third of the season... I hope to dedicate a post to him after Europe (Valencia) or after Singapore, where I hope to find the best betting rates on him in the whole season.

Let´s enjoy these upcoming races!!

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