jueves, 7 de abril de 2011

Post-Australia Pre-Malaysia analysis: Button my favourite of the less-favourites

Usually, when trying to predict who the F1 World Champion will be, we base only on the last race result. This way, betting webs pay, approximately, 1.90 for Vettel and 5.00 for Hamilton or Alonso winning the championship, but as much as 15.00 for Webber and 21.00 for Button. Webber drives a Red Bull so the time will come when he starts scoring podiums and then many people will consider him a favourite. Similarly, much has been said about how Button could be benefited with the Pirelli tyres because of being a soft-styled driver. Moreover, McLaren has demostrated how rapidly they can improve the car, so both Hamilton and Button look like Championship contenders. Altogether, I think it´s time to bet on Webber or Button as Championship winners, and wait for bad days to come for Vettel, Hamilton or Alonso if we want to get better ratios betting on them.

This way, even though there will be one World Champion only, I´ll try to give clues on when it´s the best time to bet on one contender or another. Don´t bet so much money anyway!

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