miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011

That´s what I´m talking about!!!

Everyone who has watched every F1 race this year will remember all the driving mistakes by Sebastian Vettel. And if you can remember them, that means they are a very little few. Vettel is completing a superb championship. Button, Alonso, Webber, or Hamilton have around the same points this year than thus far last year. Vettel is the only one outstanding, and if it was just because of the car, he would be nearer Webber in the standings.

Enjoy the video I am attaching. Only a year later, Alonso would find the joker behind him would be in fact the new youngest double champion ever:

martes, 4 de octubre de 2011

Rock and Formula 1 together

I am not the only one who connects Formula 1 and rock guitar music. Now Metallica will be giving a concert previous to the India Formula 1 Grand Prix, to make for a whole weekend of exploding sounds, unique sensations:

martes, 7 de junio de 2011

Post-Monaco, pre-Canada analysis: Tyres, Hamilton´s hot spot

The new, short-lasting Pirelli tyres looked like going to benefit soft-styled drivers like Fernando Alonso or Jenson Button. However, agressive drivers like Lewis Hamilton have found a bright side in this: their ease to warm up hard compounds in tracks with low wear of tyres. This way, Hamilton has scored his best results in circuits where tyres were not as worn out as expected, like Australia, China or Spain, where Alonso, on the other hand, had difficulties to warm up his hard tyres. In contrast, Malaysia or Turkey saw Hamilton score bad results, while Alonso´s pace was great on the prime compound in both of them.

Not having an average handicap as long as tyres go, Hamilton talent in his finely developed McLaren looks like the second best candidate for the World Championship right now, so betting on him would be a good idea as rates are around 13.00. However, I think we should wait until the end of the Canadian Grand Prix because, even though Hamilton uses to do pretty good here, it is a very demanding track for tyres, AND, like in Monaco, Pirelli decided to use supersoft and soft tyres again in Canada. That is, hard compounds and low tyre-wear tracks, the two tyre issues which Hamilton can be benefited from, are not conditions to be met this weekend.

Anyway, difficult days are coming for Sebastian Vettel, who will have only Great Britain and Hungary circuits to score "easy" points before the last third of the season... I hope to dedicate a post to him after Europe (Valencia) or after Singapore, where I hope to find the best betting rates on him in the whole season.

Let´s enjoy these upcoming races!!

lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

Post-Spain, pre-Monaco analysis: time to go for Alonso

In my optimistic opinion, Spain GP ended with some good news for Alonso despite his 5th place. First, Ferrari´s capability to improve the car looked great during Friday, although their rear wing prohibition on Saturday somehow altered the armony of the car new parts, with the resulting outcome of Sunday´s race. Second, Alonso had his most amazing start in years, going from 4th to 1st through the dirty half of the track, which reflects a very remarkable enhancement of the car in its start system and the rapid solution of all of the problems Alonso had in the start of the first races. Third and last, next race is Monaco, scenario where Ferrari´s good car traction in narrow corners can make the difference, while Red Bull´s aerodynamics won´t be benefited from the very few fast corners, and MacLarens´ hard suspensions and top speed will find no reward in the bumps and short straights of Monte Carlo. I really think an OK performance by Alonso can bring him to his first win this year.

So taken all this together, I see good betting opportunities to be done right now: Alonso as F1 World Champion (pays up to 20.00), and Alonso winning at Monaco (pays up to 8.00).

Finally, I have to say Hamilton is doing great this year, and he was faster than Vettel in Spain. Currently, betting webs pay up to 8.00 for him winning the Championship, so maybe it´s also time to bet on him. However, I must confess I´d wait to the next week, when I hope to dedicate a post to him...

jueves, 7 de abril de 2011

Post-Australia Pre-Malaysia analysis: Button my favourite of the less-favourites

Usually, when trying to predict who the F1 World Champion will be, we base only on the last race result. This way, betting webs pay, approximately, 1.90 for Vettel and 5.00 for Hamilton or Alonso winning the championship, but as much as 15.00 for Webber and 21.00 for Button. Webber drives a Red Bull so the time will come when he starts scoring podiums and then many people will consider him a favourite. Similarly, much has been said about how Button could be benefited with the Pirelli tyres because of being a soft-styled driver. Moreover, McLaren has demostrated how rapidly they can improve the car, so both Hamilton and Button look like Championship contenders. Altogether, I think it´s time to bet on Webber or Button as Championship winners, and wait for bad days to come for Vettel, Hamilton or Alonso if we want to get better ratios betting on them.

This way, even though there will be one World Champion only, I´ll try to give clues on when it´s the best time to bet on one contender or another. Don´t bet so much money anyway!