miércoles, 24 de noviembre de 2010

Formula 1 in Canada

The Gilles Villeneuve Circuit is perhaps the only one of the Formula 1 calendar that can be driven entirely by street cars, even with its kerbs and with just some understandable limitations. I felt like I was there with my guitar earlier this year, but recently I actually was there in a sunny and warm, perfect November day. There was almost nobody in the circuit, it was all for me and that made it even more special. I really think how special it is to drive in a Formula 1 circuit. Many football lovers would fulfil a dream if playing football in the grass of Bernabeu or Old Trafford Stadiums. That´s exactly how I feel in Formula 1 circuits. Driving and vibrating over the kerbs, approaching the Wall of Champions, caring about the grip on the chicanes, or wondering how Formula 1 cars can go through those narrow curves five times faster than me, gave me a new grade in the understanding of this sport.

It was a complete Formula 1 week, as I was also delighted to meet the guys of F1 Boutique Canada in old Montreal (who told me about the huge transformation of the city on the week of the Grand Prix), and not so delighted to watch the end of the Championship in Abu Dhabi because of the Fernando Alonso defeat. Very nice and remarkable Formula 1 season anyway, especially for me.

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