lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

Valencia Street Circuit guitar lap (by car it´s not possible)

It is curious how a guitar is a better way to get close to the feelings of a Formula 1 driver than a real car. At least this is the case in the Valencia Street Circuit. I could imitate the sound of the entire Alonso lap with my guitar, but I couldn´t drive my car througout the circuit. The all-chicane character of the first two sectors is readily obvious even if you just listen to the sound of the guitar, but when driving your car there you find all the chicanes are cut to traffic for one reason or another, so you can drive only on the long straights. The funny third sector, which ends in the unique, musical braking of the last turn where my picture on the left is, is completely closed all year long, as it is the famous bridge. Perhaps an effort could be made to make the circuit more accesible and enjoyable to the thousands of Formula 1 fans that would be fond of visiting it. Anyway, reasons should be not to. The Valencia port is a busy area even without race lovers.

Despite all I just said, you can guess I absolutely loved being in the Valencia circuit, checking the tire rubber stuck to the track, getting my car to boxes, placing it in the Pole Position, or driving following the exact line used by the Formula 1 drivers. Feelings so nicely accompained by many others in one of my favourite cities.

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