lunes, 2 de agosto de 2010

Press pressure, Alonso not alone

Fernando Alonso won the German race after being the quickest of the weekend and with no controversial decisions from the referees. Felipe Massa let him past in a very obvious way, but that was team decisions. Alonso just raced for the most points, like Raikkonen in Brazil 2007, Hamilton in Germany 2008, or the very Massa in China 2008. But the truth is that Massa wasn´t ever told to let Alonso past, so there were no team orders, what makes the fine for Ferrari pointless. If team orders are allowed when they are subtle but not when they are obvious, then tell me what kind of a rule is that. Because there are team orders almost every weekend, I think we all know. That is why it is not understandable why the English reporters, and also some German who didn´t look like caring about Vettel being in the podium, played the lead in the press conference of the following video. And when a reporter plays the lead in something, that´s because he is not doing his job correctly. Check out Alonso´s face, his broken voice when saying “no”, the empty expression of Massa, and the appropriate gesture of Vettel:

After scenes like this, my will to support Alonso whatever happens gets reinforced. He had to deal with all this after being the fastest driver of the weekend, after caring not to make his team look ridiculous by taking care in his previous opportunities to overtake Massa, and after being overtaken in the start by Massa who went out of the first turn and accelerated outside the track, a thing which is not allowed even though nobody seems to care about it.

I am very happy about the Alonso win, and about his second place in Hungary. Alonso is on the top of the races again and the more people are bothered with this, the stronger my support will be.

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  1. Damn those interviews are stupid... Why are they not thinking of what Massa did to Alonso at the start of the race? Overtaking from outside the track is not allowed... YET people ignore that... Anyway I will always support Fernando, he is the best driver without any doubts in my head!

    p.s Thank you for sharing the video! I wouldn't of seen this if i didn't see this post :)

  2. malditos ingleses¡¡¡¡¡¡¡