jueves, 15 de julio de 2010

Fernando Alonso Turkey 2010 lap on slide guitar

The most special feature of this circuit, the famous turn 8, was also a challenge for me but not for its risk, difficulty or G-force, but for how to make it sound real, what was not easy due to the need for the annoying alternate picking (that I use, as you may know, in long runs without gear changing or revolutions leaps in order not to lose strings vibration). Anyway I think it turned out good. I prefer alternate picking better than some gadgets like E-bow, because I want to keep the guitar playing with as less artifacts as possible. Note also, if you can sharpen your ears, the rather short 7th gear to gain acceleration in the medium straights of the first 2 sectors, with the penalty of reaching the revolutions limit in the long straight of the 3rd sector. Also, enjoy the kerb "produced" ragged sound, which I have been doing in former videos, but that I´ll try to improve further in future videos.