jueves, 27 de mayo de 2010

Fernando Alonso Spain 2010 lap on slide guitar

Like the kangaroo, the koala and the wombats in the Australian GP video, for the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix I wanted a tipical spanish item to be in the scenery, and my first thought was a "jamón". Navidul kindly provided me with the jamón that is in the video. Fortunately (or unfortunately) we needed just a few takes to record it, so we didn´t need to deplete the jamón in one day.
Regarding the Formula 1 guitar playing, Catalunya Circuit is similar to Albert Park in the rapid accelerations and the lack of very slow corners. The third sector is a very funny to play. In general, I prefer this kind of curly sectors better than straight accelerations and heavy brakings.
Ferrari tested their F-duct in this race for the first time, and it is noticeable in the long 7th gear to give room for the F-duct powered acceleration to occur before reaching the engine revolutions limit. Therefore, my slide in the guitar playing hits the 7th gear in a slightly lower position than expected for a normal gearbox setting for this circuit.

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