jueves, 27 de mayo de 2010

Fernando Alonso Malaysia 2010 lap on slide guitar

This video is a consequence of the bad reading of the sky by the Ferrari team. They expected it to rain less at the end of the Q1, so Alonso and Massa waited for it in their boxes, a risky decision especially being about Malaysian crazy clouds. However, this situation provided us with the unique ocassion of seeing and hearing Fernando Alonso driving in some challenging extremely wet conditions, in this challenging by itself Sepang circuit. The guitar playing reflects the very low revolutions in the slow corners (I almost reach the end of the fretboard), but also lower than usual in the quick corners. Reflects also the smooth and careful accelerations and brakings, and even the aquaplaning at the exit of the corners 2 and 14.
Other than the rain adaptions, the wide variety of corners makes this circuit a very funny one to play in guitar, with those long periods with no gear change that I enjoy very much. Now I can understand better why this is one of the favourite circuits of Formula 1 drivers.

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