viernes, 7 de mayo de 2010

Fernando Alonso Australia 2010 lap on slide guitar

Because of the many visits of the Bahrain video and their consequences, I couldn´t focus on the preparation and learning of this Australia video, so it took me like three weeks to finish even though the Australia circuit is much shorter than the Bahrain one. In addition, Alonso´s Australia lap was available on the Formula 1 web videos, so I used that precious document, without Fernando´s voice blocking the car sound, to better extract the music of the engine. And that took me some additional days.
The result is a more precise video than the Bahrain one. The guitar sound is synchronized with the actual sound of the engine with pinpoint accuracy, so I strongly recommend you to play my video simultaneously with the Formula 1 web video.
Also, the short straights, the few slow corners and the pot-holed track made the guitar version a restless one, specially in the challenging, very funny third sector.

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