jueves, 27 de mayo de 2010

Fernando Alonso Malaysia 2010 lap on slide guitar

This video is a consequence of the bad reading of the sky by the Ferrari team. They expected it to rain less at the end of the Q1, so Alonso and Massa waited for it in their boxes, a risky decision especially being about Malaysian crazy clouds. However, this situation provided us with the unique ocassion of seeing and hearing Fernando Alonso driving in some challenging extremely wet conditions, in this challenging by itself Sepang circuit. The guitar playing reflects the very low revolutions in the slow corners (I almost reach the end of the fretboard), but also lower than usual in the quick corners. Reflects also the smooth and careful accelerations and brakings, and even the aquaplaning at the exit of the corners 2 and 14.
Other than the rain adaptions, the wide variety of corners makes this circuit a very funny one to play in guitar, with those long periods with no gear change that I enjoy very much. Now I can understand better why this is one of the favourite circuits of Formula 1 drivers.

Fernando Alonso Spain 2010 lap on slide guitar

Like the kangaroo, the koala and the wombats in the Australian GP video, for the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix I wanted a tipical spanish item to be in the scenery, and my first thought was a "jamón". Navidul kindly provided me with the jamón that is in the video. Fortunately (or unfortunately) we needed just a few takes to record it, so we didn´t need to deplete the jamón in one day.
Regarding the Formula 1 guitar playing, Catalunya Circuit is similar to Albert Park in the rapid accelerations and the lack of very slow corners. The third sector is a very funny to play. In general, I prefer this kind of curly sectors better than straight accelerations and heavy brakings.
Ferrari tested their F-duct in this race for the first time, and it is noticeable in the long 7th gear to give room for the F-duct powered acceleration to occur before reaching the engine revolutions limit. Therefore, my slide in the guitar playing hits the 7th gear in a slightly lower position than expected for a normal gearbox setting for this circuit.

viernes, 7 de mayo de 2010

Fernando Alonso Australia 2010 lap on slide guitar

Because of the many visits of the Bahrain video and their consequences, I couldn´t focus on the preparation and learning of this Australia video, so it took me like three weeks to finish even though the Australia circuit is much shorter than the Bahrain one. In addition, Alonso´s Australia lap was available on the Formula 1 web videos, so I used that precious document, without Fernando´s voice blocking the car sound, to better extract the music of the engine. And that took me some additional days.
The result is a more precise video than the Bahrain one. The guitar sound is synchronized with the actual sound of the engine with pinpoint accuracy, so I strongly recommend you to play my video simultaneously with the Formula 1 web video.
Also, the short straights, the few slow corners and the pot-holed track made the guitar version a restless one, specially in the challenging, very funny third sector.

sábado, 1 de mayo de 2010

Fernando Alonso Bahrain 2010 lap on slide guitar

This is my first video on Youtube, which is having a success that was difficult to imagine at a first thought. It has been published in many blogs and forums, including the New York Times blog "Wheels", and shown on three Spain TV channels (Antena 3, La Sexta and Cuatro). I don´t know if it has been also shown on TV in other countries, so I´d appreciate if you can give me the joy to tell me about this.
Thanks everyone for watching and commenting. And keep an eye on this blog and my Youtube channel because I will be adding new videos continuously.